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Finally, it is a story itself about appearing of sincere longreads we can read, see and listen to.
Last summer in Carpathians it was held the first educational session of School of Documentary and Media within the framework of project MTM – Smile against the war, with financial support of Embassy of Lithuania in Ukraine Lietuvos ambasada Ukrainoje / Посольство Литви в Українi.
The first lecturers were given by Володимир Малинка (Volodymyr Malynka) and Oleksiy Temchenko reprsentatives of Детектор медіа.
During Volodymyr’s lecture about basics of media literacy children analyzed the “Fake” concept and the most famous examples of it, learnt about the principles of the propagandist work and tried to determine where is the truth and where is not. Lecture was full of Interactive examples which successfully complemented it. Then, students passed the fake exposure test, to check their newly acquired knowledge.
Oleksiy was telling about the new trend in journalistic — multimedia stories. Now, almost everyone has access to the Internet in our modern and informative world, therefore there’re good possibilities for information spreading: for instance text, photo, video, animation and so on. As Oleksiy told, content mustn’t be only good written, but also good composed, with help of actual potentiality of multimedia content. The lecture was devoted to the creation of such media-products. Lector showed us a variety of online –aggregators, that allow everyone to create one’s own multimedia stories.
In addition, our coaches suggested support to the students wanted to take up the journalistic and work out their multimedia stories.
Moreover, the School of Documentary and Media Школа документалістики та медіа organized by Larysa Artiugina offered willing guys to create the longreads on the topic “The world where I live in” and promised to take part in the second outgoing educational school session those, who completed the task on time. It was very inspired and now, we have a group contains of 20 teenagers, who were affected by the war, and who weren’t afraid to share their parts of worlds with all mankind!
We are thankful to great lections of Volodymyr and Oleksiy, to the team of Media Detector and personal gratitude to Natalya Ligacheva!